Wherever ExxonMobil operates, a key element of its business model is national workforce development. Esso Angola embraces this global philosophy to invest in the training and development of our Angolan employees.

Our philosophy requires that we hire and develop Angolan employees for long-term careers with progression and rewards based on performance. Career development is a shared responsibility between the company and each individual employee. Esso provides opportunities for growth and personal development which leads to satisfying jobs and individual enrichment.

In support of this objective, Esso Angola recruits top-quality Angolans wherever they can be found inside and outside the country. Employees are developed through a combination of job assignments of increasing responsibility, and on- and off-the-job training to sharpen technical, business and interpersonal skills. Career development planning is managed, usually within the scope of a defined global functional development process.

Utilizing technology and skill transfer from experienced staff from ExxonMobil’s global business units ensures that short-term business goals are met and that Angolan staff are developed to take on increasing responsibility. This model has been successfully deployed in ExxonMobil around the world and is now being implemented in Africa’s newer business units. One day, Angolan staff will provide their technical and business expertise in support of new business development elsewhere, just as Americans, Europeans, Australians, Malaysians and other nationalities do today in Angola.