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About Us
About us
About Us - ExxonMobil is a company to be proud of

We run every aspect of our business with integrity and according to the highest standards of business conduct.

We are committed to:

Safety, Health & Environment
  • Commitment to safety, health and environment is an integral and critical part of ExxonMobil's global operational policies and practices.
  • ExxonMobil has established a carefully structured management system for the purpose of assuring consistent implementation of industry-wide best practices for protecting employees, those who live in the communities in which we operate, and the natural environment. That system goes by the name Operational Integrity Management System (OIMS).
Hiring and Career Development
  • It is the policy of ExxonMobil affiliates in Nigeria to hire people based on business needs, the qualifications, experience and competency of the candidate, and in conformity to applicable laws of Nigeria. Hiring decisions are not based on race, ethnicity, sex, colour or religion.
  • Recruitment is based on corporate guidelines that are applicable to all affiliates worldwide. These guidelines emphasize transparency and objectivity in all hiring decisions.
  • Company policy requires a work environment that is free of discrimination and harassment of any kind.
  • ExxonMobil subsidiaries place great emphasis on developing the capabilities of the national workforce so that employees can aspire to positions of increasing responsibility in Nigeria and throughout ExxonMobil's worldwide organization.
  • Our philosophy is to pay compensation that will attract, retain and reward high-quality employees.
  • Compensation is based on individual performance; recognizing individual contributions and rewarding increasing responsibilities and experience through merit programs and promotions.
  • Compensation is competitively benchmarked within our industry and against other leading companies that compete for candidates that are sought by ExxonMobil.
  • Compensation is based on the Total Remuneration (TR) concept. TR consists of base salary and other cash payments along with alternate forms of pay or benefits. Due to the volatility of the Nigerian economy and to ensure competitiveness at all times, a full TR Survey is conducted annually rather than every three years as is typical in most ExxonMobil international subsidiaries.
Business Ethics
  • The policy of ExxonMobil Corporation and its subsidiary companies is one of strict observance of all laws and adherence to a strict set of Standards of Business Conduct.
  • Even where the law is permissive, employees are expected to choose the course of the highest integrity.
  • The company recognizes that local customs, traditions and mores must be respected.
  • The Corporation cares how results are obtained, not just that they are obtained.
Conflicts of Interest
  • ExxonMobil Corporation's policy on conflicts of interest requires that directors, officers, and employees avoid any conflict between their own interests and the interests of the corporation in dealing with suppliers, customers, and other third parties.
  • Conflict of interest also applies in the conduct of personal affairs, including transactions in securities of the corporation, or the securities of any subsidiary or non-affiliated organization.
  • It is also a conflict of interest for an employee, during or subsequent to employment and without proper authority, to give or make available to anyone, or use for the employee's own benefit information of a confidential nature derived from his or her employment.
Compliance With Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (F.C.P.A.)
  • It is ExxonMobil's policy to "comply in all respects with applicable laws and conduct the Corporation's business to the highest ethical standard". In line with the above policy, ExxonMobil's subsidiaries in Nigeria expect strict compliance, by its employees, to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), to which they are bound by virtue of being subsidiaries of a US Corporation. The Act has two aspects to its application. The anti-bribery provisions and books and records provision. Highlights of these provisions are as follows:

    Anti-bribery Provisions

    - Prohibits a payment, offer, promise to pay, authorization of, money or anything of value with a corrupt intent to a foreign official in order to obtain a business benefit.

    - Such benefits include money, grants, scholarships, contract rights, non-cash benefits, gifts and entertainment.

    - Third Party Conduct: Ascribes responsibility to the principal where prohibited acts are committed by a third party such as a consultant or contractor on behalf of the principal.

    - Definition of foreign official includes employees of government parastatals e.g. NNPC, NITEL, NEPA etc., traditional rulers, consultants to government functionaries, employees of government departments.

    - The Corporation is liable for acts of its employees

    - Application of the law is extra territorial i.e. applies to conduct of ExxonMobil's subsidiaries in Nigeria and their employees.

    - Carries criminal penalties of up to $2 million per infringement imprisonment and individual fines, suspension of export license etc.
Books and Records Provisions
  • Books must be accurate and complete, contain reasonable detail.
  • Prohibits falsification of records and circumvention of controls by any person.
  • Carries similar penalties as above for contravention of these provisions.

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