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Examples of Job Assignments: Geoscience
Examples of Job Assignments: Geoscience

Geoscience opportunities with ExxonMobil in Nigeria

Degree/Discipline Needed

  • MS/PhD Geophysics, with BS Geology desirable
  • MS/PhD Geology, with strong geophysics/math/physics background desirable
Typical Work Locations
  • Lagos, Nigeria
  • With rotations in Houston, Texas or other worldwide affiliate offices
What can ExxonMobil do for me?

As a Geoscientist with ExxonMobil in Nigeria, you will have the opportunity to:
  • work with some of the most talented Geoscientists in the world
  • apply your knowledge, ideas, experience, and skills to solve geologic problems across exploration, development, and production functions
  • gain expertise and maintain your competitive advantage through the application of state-of-the-art industry leading geoscience tools and techniques
  • contribute to a world class organization by utilizing your personal drive, initiative, creativity, and commitment to excellence
  • experience multiple assignments in operations and/or research to ensure that you develop the breadth and depth of experience needed for long term success
  • develop the broad background necessary to excel in exploration/production mapping/prospecting or to specialize in various technical aspects of the exploration and production process.
New Hire Development Programs have been developed with the goal of providing on-the-job experiences and training for Geologists and Geophysicists. They are designed to provide the fundamental experiences needed to explore for and produce hydrocarbons. The programs typically involve a number of rotational assignments in the first 2 years followed by a developmental assignment, which is designed to build your basic, working knowledge of oil and gas exploration/production and learn data acquisition and analysis techniques. The goal is to maximize new hire exposure to geoscience skills and techniques and to develop expert competency in a minimum of one geoscience skill area in a timely matter. Additional areas of expertise are achieved as individuals advance in their careers.

ExxonMobil provides both formal and on-the-job training in subsurface mapping and prospecting techniques, sequence stratigraphy and facies analysis, prospect sizing and applications. The focus in the specialized geological assignments is to build skills to expert level in areas such as well site operations and formations evaluation. Specialized geophysical assignments include seismic data acquisition design and quality control, seismic processing, seismic applications (direct hydrocarbon indicator analysis, rock properties work, seismic modeling), 3D visualization or gravity and magnetics.

What is a typical Geoscience career path?

As a Geoscientist with ExxonMobil in Nigeria, your future assignments might find you as a key member of a regional/frontier group or a new venture team in exploration. Or possibly as the driving force behind a new field development team or mature field development group in Production.

Work in a regional/frontier team is done on a play to basin-wide scale to identify areas of future exploration interest, or to better define play controls in an existing exploration trend. An example of a new venture team is the Chad/Niger group where a concession has been acquired and some discoveries made. There the emphasis is on confirming discoveries and testing new prospects in order to refine the reserves and economic assessment and determine whether/when production operations should commence. A new field development team focuses on a recently discovered field in an area with existing production operations. Their mission is to determine field size, identify drive mechanisms and reservoir and hydrocarbon characteristics, and develop a depletion plan.

A strong emphasis in these assignments will be to build skills in integrating geological data and techniques, such as paleontology, outcrop and core/cuttings descriptions, and production data, as well as integrating geophysical data and techniques such as 2D and 3D seismic interpretation and seismic applications techniques (DHI analysis, modeling). Our goal is to provide both exploration and production assignments early in one's career and, over the long term, to develop Geoscientists who prospect by integrating both geological and geophysical data.

Worldwide, ExxonMobil is committed to maintaining a global standard of technical excellence and common standards for professional advancement based on individual merit and contribution regardless of location or nationality.

Examples of Job Assignments:
IT/Computer Science
Human Resources

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