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Jobs & Careers in Nigeria
Recruiting Process
Recruiting Process
Recruiting Process

Vacancies & Authority to Hire

Vacancies are created as a result of new project development (new field discoveries) and increases in production volumes (expansion) that require additional employees or as a result of natural attrition; due to retirements, promotions, transfers, resignations, etc.

These vacancies are filled only on the basis of approved formal personnel requisitions. Each department is expected to prepare personnel requisitions indicating the type and number of vacancies it intends to fill. Human Resources (HR) reviews each requisition to ensure alignment with the approved recruitment plan and to determine whether the job can be filled internally.

Attracting Candidates

Where the vacancy is to be filled externally, HR will follow established processes for external applications gathering to identify the most talented and suitable candidates. Depending on the number of vacancies and the need to reach a wider range of people across the country, adverts for vacant positions are placed in major Nigerian newspapers to ensure the best candidates are reached as well as to give fair and equal opportunity to various categories of applicants. In some situations, an external recruiting consultant is hired to advertise and shortlist (based on resume screening and aptitude testing) candidates on behalf of ExxonMobil's subsidiaries in Nigeria.

Please note that at no time will ExxonMobil, or an authorized representative of ExxonMobil, request financial payment of any kind from candidates as part of the ExxonMobil recruitment process.

Aptitude Testing

In all cases, entry-level job applicants are subjected to a standardized aptitude test and only those who score at or above the pre-established cut-off mark are shortlisted for the second level of testing. HR determines cut-off marks in consultation with representatives of the hiring department.

Skill Test

A skill test is usually administered for those who are advanced past the aptitude test; especially for Medical, Engineering, Geoscience, Computer Applications, Accounting and other Technical positions. This stage assesses the technical knowledge of candidates in their area of expertise. This test is administered by our Technical Training Unit, the hiring department, or an authorized external consultant. In each case, HR coordinates and supervises the testing. Only candidates who meet the pre-determined cut-off mark for the skill test are invited for an oral interview.

Oral Interview

Having passed through the previous two stages, the candidate is taken through an oral interview. This could be by a panel or on one-to-one basis. The oral interview uses Behavioral Event Interviewing methodology to evaluate competencies and attributes of the candidates to determine his/her suitability for the vacant position. The interview also provides the candidate with an opportunity to get a better understanding of the position, the work location, future personal development and career opportunities, and other information about the hiring organization.


After the final interviews are concluded, HR provides a summary of the interview from the interviewers' notes and recommendations are reviewed with representatives of the hiring department who make the final selection decision. Management approval is required prior to job offer evaluation.

Job Offer Evaluation

The job offer evaluations are coordinated by HR. The selected candidates are invited for medical examination. Upon successful completion of the medical examination; including the Alcohol and Drug (A&D) test, offer letters are prepared and forwarded to the successful candidates. Unsuccessful applicants are informed as soon as all processes are concluded. The selection process is considered private in that it involves evaluating the capabilities of candidates relative to one another. As such, the company is not obligated to state any reason for the rejection of an unsuccessful candidate.

  • These established/standardized processes ensure that candidates are pooled from a highly diverse network from across the different geographical regions of the country.
  • The testing at the different stages ensures that hiring the right quality of candidates is not undermined for geographical spread
  • These processes have been used in the recent hiring of Accountants, Engineers, External Affairs Coordinators/Advisors, Human Resources Coordinators and Procurement Coordinators/Advisors.
  • Feedback being received from the various departments is that the high quality of the employees is as a result of the diverse, fair and equitable system put in place for selection.

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