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Pre-Employment Process


Clear to Start Process

Once you have completed the pre-employment requirements listed below, you will receive notification from U.S. Recruiting that you have been cleared to begin employment with ExxonMobil.  It is recommended that you not provide notification of resignation to your current employer until after you have received your clear-to-start notification.


Background Screening

Expect to be contacted by HireRight via e-mail to review/complete the information necessary to conduct a background check no earlier than 6 months before your start date.  If you do not receive this e-mail or it is inadvertently deleted, please contact your recruiting contact as soon as possible. The disclosure and release forms will also be available online to review.  Your electronic signature will be required to commence the background check, so please respond without delay.  In the event there is additional information/clarification required, HireRight will reach out to you directly.


Work Eligibility Documentation

It is required that all candidates provide documentation showing your status as a "Protected Individual" as defined by federal law.  Please fax one of the following to U.S. Recruiting at the fax number provided in your pre-employment requirements e-mail:

  • U.S. Citizen or National:
    1. Passport
    2. Birth Certificate
    3. Certificate of Naturalization
    4. Certificate of Citizenship
    5. INS U.S. Citizen ID Card
    6. Consular Report of Birth (State Department Form FS-240 or FS-545)
  • Permanent Resident:
    1. Resident Alien Card or "Green Card" (INS Form I-551)
    2. I-551 Stamp in Passport
    3. Temporary I-551 Issued by the INS
  • Temporary Resident:
    1. Temporary Resident Card I-688 (Note: but not I-688A or I-688B Employment
      Authorization Card or Document)
  • Refugee:
    1. INS Form I-94 Arrival/Departure Card with notation that the individual has
      been admitted under section 207 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA)
      OR with the admission codes, RE1, RE2, RE3, RE4 or RE5 OR with Visa 93 (V-
    2. Employment Authorization Document (EAD) (Forms I-766 or I-688B) with
      code of A03 or 274a.12(a)(3); or
    3. Refugee Travel Document (I-517).
  • Asylee:
    1. INS Form I-94 Arrival/Departure Card notation that the individual has been
      admitted under section 208 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) OR
      with the admission codes AS-1, AS-2 or AS-3 OR with Visa 92 (or V-92);
    2. Order of an Immigration Judge Granting Asylum under section 208 of the
      Immigration and Nationality Act (INA); or
    3. Asylum Approval Letter from a United States Citizenship and Immigration
      Services (USCIS) Asylum Office or the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA)
      [Note: The “entry” date (i.e., date of asylum grant) will be the date on the
      decision]; or
    4. Employment Authorization Document (EAD) (Forms I-766 or I-688B) with
      code of A05 or 274.a.12(a)(5).

Employee Information Form

This form asks you to provide basic personal information such as marital status, number of dependants.  Please list the address where you will be relocating from on this form.  This information will be used to facilitate and expedite your relocation process.

Education and Employment Data Form

This form asks you to list all previously attended institutions of higher learning and all past employers.  Please ensure that all of the information contained therein is accurate to the best of your knowledge as any contradiction between this and your background check could delay your start date.

Contractor Background Information Form(full-time new hires only)

This form asks you list any past contractor experience with ExxonMobil, Exxon, or Mobil.  This will help us determine if your time served as a contractor can be applied to your service time in your new employment with ExxonMobil.

Voluntary Self-Identification Form

All candidates will need to complete this form.  However, should you choose not to self-identify, please select the box next to the statement, "None apply and/or I decline to disclose this information at this time."

Medical / Drug Test Packet

You will receive a medical/drug test packet containing three important items:

  1. Job Demands Analysis
    This form lists what physical and environmental are requirements of the position in which you will be starting.  Please read the form, be sure you understand the information it contains, and return it with your contact information completed.  Click here for an illustration of where to complete your contact information.  You will need to mail this in the envelope marked "MEDICAL".  To obtain an additional copy of your location's Job Demands Analysis, contact your U.S. Recruiting Assistant
  2. Drug Test
    The drug screen needs to be completed as a soon as possible, but no earlier than six months prior to your start date.  If you have not received the medical/drug test packet within two months prior to your start date, please contact U.S. Recruiting.
    All employees are required to take the urinalysis test while some employees (designated positions) will be required to take both urinalysis and alcohol tests.  You will be notified if you are going into a designated position.
    To make your appointment, you can either call one of the numbers provided to you in the mailing or visit www.questdiagnostics.com.  At the top of the web page, you will see "find a location".  Click the link and you will be taken to this screen.  Be sure that you choose the options under "reason for testing" as we have done in the graphic.
  3. Health Questionnaire
    Please fill out this questionnaire completely and mail in the envelope marked "Medical".

New Hire Loan Form(full-time new hires only)

The new hire loan is an interest free loan given only to full-time MPT hires that elect to apply.  New hire loans are included in one of your first few paychecks and repayment is then deducted from respective paychecks until paid in full.  Repayments vary based on loan amounts.

Should you decide not to apply for the loan, you will still need to complete the form and select "No".


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